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Eye Care

Many people don’t know that the most dangerous eye diseases are asymptomatic and don’t seem to affect your vision until a significant amount of damage has occurred. We thoroughly screen for these sneaky pathologies such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal holes, retinal tears and other degenerations every year at your primary care exam. It is also very important for children to have their eyes checked annually as most children don’t realize they need glasses. And in many cases if they don’t start wearing glasses at an early age, their vision will never develop properly. This can affect their school work as well.
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We at Spanish Oaks Eyecare believe that eyewear should not only be about a brand name stamped on the side of the frame, but about a personal statement, a physical enhancement & ultimately a true representation of its owner. That’s why we have carefully selected exclusive, unique products featuring manufacturers and designers from around the world.

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Contact Lenses

We’ve come a long way baby! From the thick, dry and unbreathable lenses of the past, to the new thinner, lighter, breathable, ‘feels like I’m not even wearing anything’ technologically advanced lenses of today. Think you can’t wear contacts because once upon a time someone told you so? Or because you have astigmatism? Or the last time you tried them five years ago it didn’t work out? Every day technology is advancing the comfort and parameters of contact lenses. The improvements from year to year are astounding. So whether you gave up on lenses before because of astigmatism, allergies, dry eyes, comfort issues or poor results with monovision or multifocal lenses give it another try! You will be amazed at how far things have come in this industry.
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